The following are effective as of September 16, 2010
QVHL Constitution, Rules and Regulations September 17, 2012 ARTICLE 1 – THE LEAGUE 1.01 The name of the league will be the Qu'Appelle Valley Hockey League or QVHL. 1.02 The purpose of the league is to control, improve and foster senior hockey in the area that it embraces. The league will operate within the framework of the S.H.A. as set out in their current handbook. 1.03 All teams must certify with the S.H.A. 1.04 The maximum number of teams participating in the league shall not exceed Twelve (12). 1.05 Hockey clubs may be admitted to the league by receiving two/thirds (2/3) of the majority of votes at a properly called meeting. There will be a one year probationary period for all new teams. 1.06 All hockey clubs applying for membership must have artificial ice. 1.07 Teams must post a four hundred dollar ($500.00) performance bond upon acceptance to the league. 1.08 The annual league fees will be three hundred and fifty dollars ($500.00). All fees, including S.H.A. fees, must be paid prior to any exhibition games or commencement ofleague play. 1.09 The league will maintain a one hundred and twenty (120) kilometer travelling distance between teams. Exception Granted for Kelliher and Ogema (08/09 Fall Meeting) 1.10 The league constitution shall only be amended at the annual meeting. The intended amendment must be given in writing to the league secretary-treasurer Fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting and circulated to each member club. The amendments require a two-thirds majority of voting delegates at the meeting. ARTICLE 2 – THE EXECUTIVE 2.01 The league will consist of the president, a 1st Vice-President (Registrar), a 2nd Vice-President (Referee-in-Chief), a treasurer and a secretary/statistician. The President and Vice-Presidents will be elected annually at the annual meeting. 2.02 Each team will be allowed one (1) voting representative. An alternate will be named by each club president. 2.03 Organizational Chart President Registrar (1st V-P) Referee-in-Chief (2nd V-P) Treasurer Team Representatives Secretary/Statistician 2.04 The President will only vote in the case of a tie vote. 2.05 The executive will assist in conducting the business of the league between annual meetings. ARTICLE 3 – DUTIES AND POWERS OF THE PRESIDENT 3.01 The President will have the power to represent the league on any occasion and will be responsible to the executive for the same. 3.02 The President will call meetings whenever necessary or at the request of 50% of the league members. 3.03 The President will deal with and rule on all protests in consultation with his Vice-Presidents. 3.04 The President will deal with business of a minor nature that requires a decision of the executive. 3.05 The President, in consultation with his Vice-Presidents, will assess fines, suspensions or expulsions from the league of any individual or club refusing to accept or comply with the rules of the QVHL or SHA. 3.06 Each year the President will review the constitution, rules and regulations and make these available to all the clubs. 3.07 The President will forward a copy of the constitution to the SHA each year. 3.08 The President will oversee the work of the other league officers. ARTICLE 4 – THE DUTIES OF THE LEAGUE OFFICERS 4.01 The 1st Vice-President will: assume the powers of President in his absence; assist with rulings on protests, fines, suspensions and expulsions; be responsible for assuring the eligibility of players. 4.02 The 2nd Vice-President will: assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President and 1st Vice-President; work with the clubs and the RHOA (Regina Hockey Officials Association) to properly schedule officials for games; assist in the proper registration of players and coaches. 4.03 The Secretary/Statistician will: maintain accurate minutes of all meetings including suspension hearings; maintain the league statistics. 4.04 The Treasurer will: maintain accurate financial records; report the same to all meetings. ARTICLE 5 – THE MEETINGS 5.01 The Annual Meeting shall be held in the fall of the year prior to November 1st. 5.02 The Spring Meeting shall be held as soon as possible after the completion of the play-offs. 5.03 Special meetings may be called by the President with 7 days notice. 5.04 All member clubs must be represented at all meetings or be fined as stated in Article 9.08. 5.05 The meeting locations will rotate in alphabetical order of towns. 5.06 A Scheduling Meeting will usually be held to schedule the league games. ARTICLE 6 – REGISTRATION OF PLAYERS AND TEAMS 6.01 All players and clubs must be registered with the SHA and the QVHL before playing any games. 6.02 All registrations must be made through the League Office by the dates set out at the Annual meeting. Teams must fax their completed SHA certification form to the league office. Imports and non-imports must be indicated on the form. A list of centers must be included. 6.03 SHA registration rules must be adhered to as outlined in the SHA handbook. 6.04 The league cut-off date for signing players will be January 10th. No additions will be allowed after this date except in the case of a replacement goaltender of one injured or hurt. 6.05 The QVHL's official registration form and affiliation list must be in the hands of the league President by MIDNIGHT, JANUARY 10TH. Teams not in compliance with this rule will be fined as per Article 9.06. The official rosters will be available on the league website. 6.06 Replacements for injured goaltenders can be authorized by the President if a doctor's note is provided. The replacement player must not play until authorization is received. SHA approval is required. 6.07 Players may not play on two teams simultaneously in the league or in another senior league. Refer to Article 9.09. 6.08 Use of semi-professionals or professionals while under contract or on strike is not permitted. Refer to Article 9.09. 6.09 If a player appears to have two residences and if there is doubt about his official place of residence, the player's place of residence will be the place where his family lives. 6.10 All players registering with the QVHL for the first time must provide proof of status. 6.11 Players may be chosen from a radius of 125 km. From the home Center within the pre-set 4000 population limit. 6.12 Teams may consist of 3 Elite Imports (Jr A or Higher) and 3 Non Elite Imports (Jr B, Jr C , Midget AAA or Lower) 6.13 Teams making roster changes must make the change by 12:00pm on game day. 6.14 Teams are allowed only 12 roster moves for non locals between December 10th and January 10th. ARTICLE 7 – LEAGUE GAMES 7.01 The league operates under the playing rules of the SHA and CHA. 7.02 Home clubs are responsible for all profits or losses in the operation of their games. 7.03 The league uses a 2 man referee 1 lines man system and only registered officials will be assigned by the Referee-in-Chief. 7.04 Teams are expected to have properly trained scorers, and other minor officials. 7.05 Home teams must FAX both sides of the score sheets to the statistician within 24 hours of the games completion. The official sheets are to be given to the statistician at a convenient time during the season. Refer to Article 9.12. 7.06 Ties will be decided by 5 minute sudden death overtime; if there is no decision - a 3 man shoot-out will occur; if there is no decision a sudden death shoot-out will occur. (all players must shoot once). 7.07 Each team will be granted one 30 second time out per game. 7.08 After one non weather cancellation, teams will be monitored by the executive. If teams continue to cancel games for non weather reasons, the executive reserves the right to pull a teams bond due to lack of schedule<